Privacy Policy

It is the legal responsibility of Gambler Online Casinos to protect the data that we receive from our users. Our process of gathering and collecting user information on this website ( and other sites that we own and operate follows a strict legal code.

Please be aware that we only ask our users to provide their particulars when it's a key requirement to offer the requested service. Also, we make it our business to let you know why such information is needed and how it's shared or distributed. Such data is only kept in our records strictly for the time it's required to render your desired service.

To protect the users' information, we have integrated commercially accepted security technologies. This way, the data is safe from copying, access by unauthorized parties and loss. Also, we don't share any user data publicly unless under strict directives by the law.

Please be aware that you have the freedom to accept or decline our request to submit any personal data. However, the requested service may be denied without the proper requirements.

Embedded on this website ( are links that lead to other websites known as third parties. Such sites are self-governing thus we neither have power over them nor the contents they post and publish. Also, they don't necessarily reflect our views; therefore, we cannot be answerable for their actions whatsoever.

Your use of the service herein is considered consent to our practices on personal data and privacy. Any questions regarding how we gather and share user information may be communicated via the mediums provided.

This privacy policy takes effect as of 1st January 2023.