Various Table Game House Edges

Some of the most common games you'll stumble upon in online gaming are table games. They all come with different rules, payout rates as well as house edges. For you to have a better shot at winning every time you take part in any table game, you need to learn about their odds.

The House Edge

Put simply, the house edge is a statistical advantage a casino has in any given game - it's also known as the casino advantage and is usually expressed as a percentage. For instance, a table game with a 5% edge tells you that for every dollar wagered, you stand to lose five cents. However, this does not apply to a single bet; instead, it applies over a steady gambling session.

The best part is that the casino advantage can be lowered by implementing effective strategies. This way, the odds will be in your favor, which means you can still grow your bankroll regardless of the title you choose.

Different Table Game House Edges

Most if not all casino games are made available in different variations to suit different individual tastes and preferences. The best way to win easily would be to pick a title with a low house edge. Described below are the different table game house edges.

Baccarat - 1%

This is a common title that you'll find at top gaming operators. Baccarat has a number of betting options with different winning odds. For example, all wagers on the banker's hand have an edge of 1%. Bets on players vary but also have pretty decent odds. This table game may seem a bit challenging at first but like all games, you just need to learn the rules and the various types of wagers. table-game-house-edges2

Blackjack - 1% to 2%

This is a game of chance for the croupier as well as the player, which ultimately evens out the odds. This simply means that with the right strategy, you could last long in the game, increasing your winning chances. Moreover, it's easy to grasp thus suitable for beginners too. The main objection of blackjack is to beat the dealer by attaining 21 without a 'bust'.

Craps - 0.60% to 1.4%

Craps is a very old dice game and popular in the online gaming world. It's also very easy to understand and comes with various betting options. Beginners use 'pass line' bets, which have decent payout rates. Once you've gained more experience in craps, you are able to place more types of bets that have higher payouts.

Roulette - 5.2% for Double Zero Tables - 2.8% for a Table with a Single Zero

If you're an avid gambler, you are aware that roulette is among the most sought after table games online. It's a game of prediction, where you pick a number or color on which the ball will fall when it stops rolling. You would do well to pick the single zero version as it has a lower edge.

Three-Card Poker - 2.5%

Three-card poker is a fun and quick poker variant that has gained tremendous popularity. Each gambler and the house are dealt 3 cards. Note that the payouts will vary according to the dealer cards - king-high pays the highest returns but you have to stick to the basic poker strategy. For other great tips, including casino recommendations, heading on over to our main page.